Coping in Lockdown Study

Our online survey

If you used to smoke tobacco, drink alcohol, vape, use snuff or other drugs before coronavirus-19 we’d like to hear about how you are coping in lockdown.

Why are we doing this study?

Coronavirus-19 has upset normal daily life in many countries. Whole regions are in lockdown to stop the virus spreading. Fear and stress levels are high. We want to find out how people are coping.

Who is it for?

We are especially interested in adults aged 18 and over who, before lockdown, regularly drank alcohol, smoked or used other tobacco products, or other drugs. We also want to hear from people who have taken up smoking or drinking or other drugs during this frightening time.

What happens to your information?

You will not be asked for your name or address - the survey is anonymous. Some questions about you are just so we can say how many men and women did the survey, and the age range, ethnicity and country of participants. The survey will take about 10 to 30 minutes to complete depending upon how many sections of the survey are relevant to you. If you change your mind about taking part in it, you can just stop at any time.

Survey Closed

Helpful information for coping during lockdown