Coping Tips

Being in lockdown affects us all in different ways. We can be up and down emotionally. Some people feel stress in more physical ways. Our energy levels can be unpredictable and this can disturb our normal sleeping patterns. We might not want to eat, or the opposite happens and we eat more than usual.

Physical effects

Keeping moving can be difficult if you are in lockdown in a small apartment and going outside is restricted. But keeping moving is important for maintaining fitness, burning off restlessness and stress. Stress causes us to tense our muscles, which can lead to aches and pains. Headaches, constipation or the opposite can be reactions to stress. If you had a medical condition before lockdown, it’s important you keep up with any medication or treatments and Doctor’s visits (if possible). Look out for physical effects of anxiety.

Coping Tips:

Looking after your mental health

During lockdown feeling sad, anxious, worried about the future and afraid of getting sick is normal. As hard as it is we need to try to keep our emotions and mental health returning to whatever was normal for us before lockdown. Staying in a fearful state, or feeling blue all the time can become your new norm. If you're feel like you stuck in sad, or spiralling downwards, contact your doctor or a local helpline. Don’t put it off.

Coping Tips:

Low on energy?

The disruption to our normal routines and restricted freedom is stressful for some people. Heightened levels of stress can wear us down. Not moving around and using as much energy as we used to can also reset our energy levels to barely operating. Feeling low on energy or having little motivation to do anything can result. If low motivation drags on it could turn into melancholy.

Coping Tips:

Disrupted sleep?

Everyone reacts to lockdown differently. Some people will be lapping up the extra time to sleep. Others might find it hard to get to sleep at night. The usual noises outside might not be there. If you’re not used to the silence of no traffic, no voices on the street, the silence of lockdown can be unsettling. Without your normal routines of getting up to get to work, or to get children to school, it can be easy to stay up late binging on movies every night. Social media can become all consuming. Too much or not enough or unsettled sleep can undermine you though, so check out our good sleep tips.

Coping Tips:

Eating in Lockdown

For some people, eating patterns have totally changed during lockdown. People who used to eat out are having to cook. Meals might be yummier leading to eating more than usual. Or, meals might not be as appetising. Feeling down can lead to eating for comfort, and it can lead to loss of appetite. To upset things even more, lockdown may have reduced your physical activity.

Coping Tips: